Joaquín Arroyo, professionally known as Derom, is a Spanish artist and muralist graffiti artist.

Derom was born in Madrid (Spain) on August 9th, 1990, and his beginnings as an artist can be traced back to his early years in elementary school where he would make all kinds of small drawings during classes.

At the age of 12, he started painting his first graffitis in the streets of Madrid, evading police on more than one occasion. Derom has been painting ever since. He has worked for several years as a professional muralist and graffiti artist, collaborating with large companies such as Movistar, BBVA Bank, Novotel Hotels, McDonalds, Cepsa, among others.

His graffiti’s can be found all over Spain, but also internationally in cities such as Miami and Bangkok.

He combined his artistic career with his studies in Industrial Design at the IED( Istituto Europeo di Design) in Madrid. He then moved to Barcelona to study a master’s in creative Illustration at EINA(Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona). After finishing his studies, he returned to Madrid where he has been working as a professional muralist and graffiti artist in the hope of developing his artistic career.

His growing passion for watches and their machinery drove him to a deeper insight in this topic, gradually creating a collection that continues to grow day by day.

In his works we can appreciate the essence of plastic art and graffiti, its roots (color, stain, stroke, abstract). On the other hand, we can observe the work of rotring drawings (perfection, finesse and detail), all united to bring to light a unique art work, a “Derom”.

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